Cold War Private Tour

A private 45 minute tour in JFK's footsteps through historic Berlin with an electric carriage


Experience Berlin with its landmarks and historic sites from Frederic the Great all the way to the days of Cold War. Let us chauffeur you in a truely authentic vehicle from the early days of automobiles - an era that brought sustaining change to our developing western world. Learn about curious and dramatic events, about tales of past, told in humorous language and fascinating narratives from our well educated chauffeurs. Relax and enjoy together with your guests, a glas of ice cold champagne from France in your hand. Have pictures taken in front of historic sights and charming environs. And - last but not least - experience the unique feel of being gazed at by passers-by on the streets, admiring the elegance of your carriage and its passengers' style, all with smiles on their faces!

We start at the Brandenburg Gate - Berlin's landmark for separation and reunification. We will take you along the Boulevard "Unter den Linden", passing by the British and Russian embassies. Our chauffeur will head towards the Checkpoint Charlie, the true focal point of the cold war. If desired, some pictures will be taken together with soldiers of the allied forces there. We now take you to the Gendarmenmarkt - the square of grandeur and greatness where Frederick used to line up his armies, to lead tens of thousands against Russia and Austria. Then you will see Bebelplatz, from which many say it is the most beautiful of Berlin's many squares. This is the home of the University that bears the name of brothers Humboldt, science and foresight allways in mind. In the distance you can spot the largest Protestant church in the country - the gigantic Berlin Cathedral. Across the street, enjoy the views on Lust Garden, the very field where Europe's first potatoes were raised and harvested long ago. From here we take to the political Berlin of these days, back along Unter den Linden. The Reichstag, Germany's parliament, the Chancellor's Office, Russian tanks in front of sandstone and marble monoliths at the Russian War Memorial. The "Street of the 17th of June" is reminiscent of the overwhelming power of the freedom. Berlin was finally liberated, and the separation of former times turned into cathedrals of modernity -  Potsdamer Platz with its high-rising towers being its true testimony. Along the way, at your right hand side you catch a glimps of Tiergarten Park, the green heart of the capital. On to Leipziger Platz, whose busy traffic reminds us of the epitome of Berlin's Roaring Thirties. From there we will bring you back via Gropius Building and "Topography of Terror" to Brandenburg Gate, on roads all lined with architectural monuments from almost four centuries


Pariser Platz, Boulevard "Unter den Linden", Checkpoint Charlie, Gendarmenmarkt, Bebelplatz, Humbold University,  Berlin Cathedral, Lust Garten, Museums Island, "Reichstag" German Parliament, Chancelery,  Boulevard "Straße des 17. Juni", Russion War Memorial, Potsdamer Platz, Tiergarten Park, Embassy district, Leipziger Platz, Brandenburger Tor


  1. Pariser Platz
  2. Weiße Kreuze
  3. Straße des 17. Juni
  4. Kriegerdenkmal
  5. Reichstag
  6. Tränenpalast
  7. Bahnhof Friedrichstraße
  8. Unter den Linden
  9. Friedrichstraße
  10. Gendarmenmarkt
  11. Checkpoint Charlie
  12. Mauermuseum
  13. Potsdamer Platz
  14. Leipziger Platz
  15. Wilhelmstraße
  16. Brandenburger Tor