Lightseeing Tour with an electric coach

60 minutes with our Carrosse DeLouis electric coach to the most exciting illuminations of Berlin's Festival of Lights 2016

Out ride takes us to the some of the most interesting and fantastic sights of this unique festival in Berlin's historic Mitte district. You will see the following buildings and monuments, illuminated in unbelievable colours and dramatic scenes:

Brandenburg Gate, the American Embassy, Schauspielhaus at Gendarmenmarkt, Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz, Main Building of Humbold University at Unter den Linden, Neue Marstall, Berlin Cathedral, the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, and finally Berlins historic City Hall, the Stadthaus.

In case you want to visit further illuminations or spend more time, please, feel free to use our contact form or send us a booking enquiry.  We will quickly provide you with a proposal.

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Brandenburger Tor (Pariser Platz)


A tour in our electric coach along Berlin`s most exciting illuminations of the Festival of Lights


  1. Berlin Brandenburger Tor
  2. American Embassy
  3. Gendarmenmarkt
  4. Humbold University
  5. Hotel de Rome
  6. Neuer Marstall
  7. Berlin Cathedral
  8. TV Tower
  9. Berlin Stadthaus